Sharing json link and endpoint info

My plugin is currently in a private repo. I have a user that has requested to use the endpoint info so that they can analyze large documents that have thousands of lines. The plugin in its current form only allows hundreds of lines to be analyzed. What are the restrictions of what I can share? For example, can the endpoint data be shared or the direct link to /.well-known/ai-plugin.json?

Thank you in advance!

If you wrote the plugin you can share whatever you’d like, it’s your code and servers.

I just don’t want to violate any legal agreement put forth by OpenAI. I’d hate to assume.

Unless you signed some sort of OpenAI exclusivity clause you are good.

But also, given that this user wants an endpoint with different limits it’d probably be a good idea to set up their own endpoint that you can monitor separately if needed.


A separate was precisely the option I was considering. Thank you for the feedback!