Can people access your configuration section in custom GPTs?


I built several GPTs and I love the functionality. Recently, I built one for a local candidate and I added documentation from the Mayor’s speeches, county and city public docs and more in order for my candidate to create policies for his campaign. All of this was public information you can find on the city website and Google.

I accessed the GPT recently and only one document was available. It was an audit that that county did. Everything else was gone. So I was wondering if I gave the link to the candidate and his campaign manger, would they be able to access the Config section of the GPT Builder?

Thank you for your help.

Welcome @AudioworksvVO

AFAIK only the account that was used to create the GPT can access the GPT Builder page and the config.

The loss file could be due to not saving the GPT after editing it.

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Ok, thank you. That’s what I thought. I appreciate the reply.

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