Can I transfer my API credits from one openai account to another?

I’ve been enjoying the experience of using GPT-4 with the interpreter but have encountered a hiccup regarding the management of my API credits. I have two Google-linked accounts: the primary one is a paid account, and the other is a free account. Initially, I subscribed to a $20 monthly plan on my first account for using the code interpreter. Later, to explore GPT-4 with vision capabilities, I realized the need to purchase additional API credits.

In the process of buying these credits, I encountered a mix-up. Despite being logged into my primary account (as indicated in the top right corner), my secondary account was simultaneously logged in (visible in the bottom left corner). This confusion led to the accidental allocation of purchased API credits to the wrong account. As a result, I had to buy another set of API credits for my primary account.

Currently, both accounts have API credits, but the secondary account can’t utilize them without upgrading to a paid plan and generating a new API key. This situation seems unnecessarily complex, and I believe a simpler solution would be to transfer the credits from one account to the other. This issue seems to stem from a glitch on the OpenAI website, which allowed both accounts to be logged in simultaneously. While I’m unsure if GPT-4 can address this, I’m reaching out to see if such a transfer is possible, considering the circumstances. If not, it’s not a major issue, but I thought it best to consult others first.

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