Can I Build a GPT with only chat 3.5 and an API account

Hi Gang
New developer here. I have chat got 3.5. I opened an API account and fed it money. I’m on waitlist for 4 and plus.
Question: can I build a GPT with these conditions? Thanks. Jim

Hello, to build a GPT, you need to have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month). Currently, due to the high number of people signing up for ChatGPT Plus, there is a waiting list that you can join by going to and clicking on the “upgrade” button.


Thank you. I’ve been on the waiting list forever. Some online said I could do it within the API even without a plus account. Guess I can work in the yard😬

You can do Assistants via the API, but the product wouldn’t be available in ChatGPT Plus as a Custom GPT… you would need to write your own front-end or use a library.