Access to new custom "My GPTs" through API?

Can I use my API key to access a custom GPT created through the My GPTs feature that was rolled out earlier this week?

I see mention of using Assistants, but there are some key differences. First, the user-friendliness of the My GPTs is fantastic. Just chat, drag, and drop. But more importantly, there is the issue of internet access. There does not appear to be any ready-made internet access feature for assistants. Maybe something can be coded, but nonetheless, the My GPTs seem like the better product.


Unfortunately there isn’t a way right now. The closest thing you can do is create an Assistant from your GPT then utilize the API to access it manually.

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This would be an AMAZING feature. Strongly support this update


If as you state only assistants are possible to call and configure from the API, how can we cover aspects of the Actions and the knowledge base (Providing files) of the agent in the program ?

Having an hybrid agent would be amazing : Able to be created and manupulated in a program. All the capabilities of specialisation of the custom my GPTs.

Anyway, great work on your side Open AI


I really hope this is at the top of list of future updates from OpenAI

Endless possibilities will be unlocked with this…

You are free to build a plugin API that a ChatGPT Plus GPT action can interact with — in fact, that’s the only thing that makes them valuable (your prompt engineering is uninteresting).

However, if you don’t merely make a database API or a calculation API, but rather you make an API that is powered by a costly AI where your API allows the GPT user to essentially use your OpenAI API account, then you are the one paying the bill for those enhanced services you offer.

API’s assistants are also not really made to service applications like a chatbot’s functions. They are themselves chatbot agents that may take a long time (or never) to provide an expensive answer - that you get to pay for if you use AI services to power your GPT plugin API for others to use for free.

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I agree that this would dramatically improve usability - includnig by keeping a version of truth of one’s agents.
An easy enough workaround is just to copy the instructions and recreate them -
although any changes would have to be made in both places now

You can just put the GPT/Assistant behind a pay wall.

Can you tell me more please. How can you do it?