Can AI perform SEO and how does it compare to the work of seasoned SEO experts?

See how this experiment using OpenAI’s GPT-3 turned out.

The results are amazing : Can AI Perform SEO? Experimenting With OpenAI’s GPT-3

The tests will therefore measure the following indicators:

- Consistency in continuing an SEO topic.
With text-davinci-002

- When all internal pages of the site were canonicalized to the home page  #seohorrorstories
- When someone forgot to block the site test environment… that started to be indexed #seohorrorstories

- The relevance of SEO modifications.

- The ability to answer SEO questions.
With text-davinci-002 : Global score 16/20

Choose the best answer.

1. What is a search ranking signal? 
a. Factors that the search engines use to determine the quality and relevance of a site 
b. A message your site sends to search engines when it is ready to be crawled 
c. A signal sent out by the search engines to let site owners know they are crawling sites 
d. None of the above```
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