Build a GPT3 app with no code in Bubble

A few weeks back I sold a GPT3 app created with (almost) no code in Bubble. The learning curve to get the API integrated and working with Bubble was a bit of a learning curve, so I created a tutorial for those who want to get started using GPT3 with no code. If you’re interested, the tutorial can be found here:

And I can be reached anytime with questions here or on twitter @heyyfernanda.


Hi Fernanda, I’m interested in your tutorial. My use case in the search endpoint and I have a jsonlines file to be uploaded. Will your instructions help in building an app in bubble using the search endpoint? Also, I’ve never used Bubble before and my coding knowledge is limited. I am wondering if your “(almost) no code” tutorial will be too advanced. What do you think? Have real beginners had success with it? Thanks.

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Hi there! The tutorial uses the completion endpoint as the example. It does give you very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to set everything up in Bubble, so if you are able to just adjust slightly to make it relevant to the search endpoint on your own, it might be useful to you. The almost no code portion of it is because it does require some code to call the API but I provide every line of code you need, so it’s just a copy/paste scenario.

If you want to try it out, go ahead and get it and if it doesn’t work out for you, I can always refund you.

I’ve been thinking of adding the other endpoints to the tutorial, but have been dragging my feet on it. This is a good incentive to add them.

Ok thanks, I’ll try to figure out whether I can write or find an example of the code for uploading the json lines file, then decide. It’s great that you’ve build this! I think a big overlooked use case for GPT-3 is providing the set-up so that subject matter people can use it.

Awesome, keep me posted - I’m happy to answer any questions or walk you through any parts you get stuck on.

Thanks, I’ve just installed the API connector plugin. So far so good! I’m going to start by following your instructions exactly, and set up a Completions endpoint app. Once I’ve got that working, I’ll try to edit or add a new app that uses the Search endpoint.

Hi, I am getting stuck when trying to set Field name to “Line” and Field type to “text.” Do I click on the word “click” surrounded in red in order to name and set the field type? Once I do that, and then I try to follow your instructions to copy and paste the storyline into the prompt, and add my “result of step 1,” I get an error message about dynamic data in text boxes.

Hey, could you shoot me an email ( maybe with some screenshots or with a link to your Bubble app editor? I’m not fully understanding which step you’re on or what the error is.