Building a Bubble app with the OpenAI API

I have followed the exact steps mentioned on this document: Building a Bubble app with the OpenAI API | by David Schnurr | Feb, 2021 | Medium.

However, following all the steps accurately, It’s unable to generate the prompt.

When I click on Make Request, nothing prompts. Please assist.

Hi Taher, would it be possible to show how you’ve built the button actions? Unfortunately, I’m not able to pin down the issue just seeing the button itself.

By the way, there are a wide range of video Bubble-GPT3 tutorials, which may help as they’re very step-by-step.


I see, thanks for sharing. I noticed that you have debug mode turned on. This is just a hunch, but maybe debug mode doesn’t show the actual output, which could be why you’re seeing “oai_completion” instead of the actual completion.

How to make it work, please assist

You could try stripping off debug_mode=true from the URL and re-loading.

Sure. i will try that

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