Bug: Incorrect ChatGPT chat session titles - seeing other users' sessions?

I’ve noticed that starting around 2023-03-16T07:10:00+0000 it seems like the titles for each chat session have titles totally unrelated to the topic being discussed in the chat.

My chat is talking about summarising code, and a previous summary was “Summarizing code fragments”. But since that time I have chat titles of “COVID testing locations search”, “Resuming training on TPU” and “Recall for Calendar Eve” - all unrelated to what my chat session is about.

This is either a bug or it’s leaking info from other users’ sessions.


Seems to be working again for my most recent chat session. Maybe it was a blip.

It turns out this was a serious vulnerability that ChatGPT was taken offline to fix.

I reported the bug here because I couldn’t find a way to make bug reports, despite searching the OpenAI site and docs. I didn’t go with the security disclosure route as it seemed heavyweight and I wasn’t sure if this was a bug or a security issue. I think OpenAI could definitely improve their channel for bug reporting.

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