Unrecognised chat history - hacked or bug?

Today I opened up my ChatGPT account to find a part of a conversation which I had not initiated. The response by ChatGPT has not been generated.

This seems similar to the bug in March which allowed users to see each others’ histories, but if it is not, does this indicate that my account has been hacked?

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Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Similar topics have been appearing on this forum in the last few days.
As the OpenAI staff rarely reply on this forum you should not expect a reply from them.

I don’t doubt that and is something I would keep on my evidence list.

While I am only a moderator with slightly more abilities than an average user on this forum, I do read just about every post so will keep this in mind when reading other post and look for a pattern.

I do know that OpenAI does monitor this forum and while they may not respond to this or similar post do take action when such is true and action is needed.

If you happen to be a developer then this might be of interest to you related to the bug in March.

This text can be found on the web:


If not a database glitch, it could be more evidence of a coordinated campaign by state actors to develop their own AI using the resources of hacked ChatGPT users, to generate automated GPT-4 responses for training data.

A good time to uninstall all sketch extensions or other web software related to AI chat, and change your password with an email reset during the login process with “forgot password”.