Browser and Code Interpreter Plugins

Hi everyone!

I just got access to Plugins for developers and im a Plus user.

However when looking for the first party apps, Browser and Code Interpreter by Open AI, i dont see it.

I am on my phone so is this only available on Desktop?

Was under the impression we can test this out.

Also is there a place to see other plugins currently being developed to test out ourselves?


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I don’t know if it’s available on your phone, but if you on a laptop or desktop, and go to, you’ll see a drop down where you can choose a model. There you should see this:

That’s if you have a paid subscription to ChatGPT and are logged in. Is that what you’re asking for?

I see it on my phone. But looks like enabled plugins maybe per device since on desktop I have some enabled but do not see them on the phone:

I see the ability to add plugins but i dont see the Browser or Code Interpreter plugins


me too, just got my access, but those two browser and interpreter were the ones I wanted to use, but they are not there. anyone? please help.


i had to sign up for each separately, and got access at separate times to plugins and code interpreter (still waiting on search).

Sorry, I don’t see the code interpreter or browser plugin in my plugins either.

Do you mean join the waitlist again in order to get access?

I got it. But where is the form to sign up for this plugins?

If we wanted fo build a code interpreter, I wonder how we’d do it? Looks like their example is python with the output in mark down code blocks


If you want full rich output with IPython, steal freely from dangermode: GitHub - rgbkrk/dangermode: Dangermode is a ChatGPT Plugin written with Python and FastAPI that allows ChatGPT to execute code snippets in an IPython session.


This looks awesome… We should do our own interpreter… looks like we just need to add a manifest and specification, a couple api endpoints.

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Hey folks, access for all of these things are handled independently at the moment as each has its own scaling challenges. You can join the waitlist for browsing or the code interpreter separately.

Thanks for your reply. I joined the waiting list for the web browser at the beginning of the announcements. Could you please tell us the expected rough estimates of release date?

When it gets released at some point, will it be available at the OpenAI playground? will it be accessed via an API like GPT-4, 3.5Turbo, etc language models?

Please let us know.@logankilpatrick

Thanks @logankilpatrick for your answer -[quote=“logankilpatrick, post:13, temat:154262”]
. Możesz dołączyć do listy oczekujących na przeglądanie lub tłumacza kodu osobno.

Dzięki @logankilpatrick za odpowiedź - czy to oznacza, że nawet jak uzyskałem dostęp do wtyczek to i tak muszę dołączyć do listy oczekujących dwa razy, raz na przeglądanie, dwa na code interpreter?

Can you share the waitlist links for browsing and code interpreter? Thanks in advance @logankilpatrick .

There is no definitive timeline, scaling is not trivial or linear so can’t share any specific dates.

Lots of folks have asked about plugins in the API, but there’s nothing concrete to share there.

The waitlist links are all in this form: ChatGPT plugins waitlist

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