Book Writing Project: AI Illustrated and Written Books

For the past few months I have been playing around with some python programs I wrote to help write book ideas quickly.

Over winter break, my kids and I sat down and wrote a few books. First we used Dalle to write a book about our pet chickens.

Then we used dalle and openai’s api to write about some jobs a panda would do.

Portraits of Pandas: Pandas, Poetry, and Portraits

This week, we used the growing rats nest of python scripts to write a childrens book about George Santos.

I’ve been slowly playing with things since, started a website, and working out what book to write next. This is a bit of a fun art project turned side project, and thoughts and ideas are welcome!

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Nice! Congrats. Be careful with the politics, though, as it’s against the OpenAI ToS, I believe.

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That’s good advice, thank you!