Book: Mind Over Machines. Empower Your Mind With ChatGPT

Hello OpenAI. Wonderful work and ChatGPT is simply brilliant. I am the mad inventor from Impresario Arts School.

I am now able to complete my books that have been on the shelf, at incredible speeds because of ChatGPT!

Our first book: Mind Over Machines. An AI Toolkit for Educators is now out in major bookstores. eBook and paperback on Amazon.

This book series is from our school’s curriculum: Imagine Inventions and our most recent R&D project: mind, body and spirit and now together with ChatGPT.

I would like to name the next book Mind Over Machines. Empower Your Mind With ChatGPT and would like to seek advise on the usage and the potential of sponsorship.

By sponsoring this book series, you would be supporting the development of an engaging and interactive AI-powered lesson plan that introduces students to the power of AI, how to use ChatGPT to enhance their learning and creativity and create games using an AI formula.

In addition, the sales of the books would help fund the development of our AI and AR preschool game, which is designed to help children in rural villages with no preschool facilities.

We are looking to promote this to schools here in Singapore. Impresario Arts School was formerly providing free preschool and subsidised after school care and education for kids from low income families here in Singapore but unfortunately due to recent events, we are closed but aspiring to go online.

Do advise and do support our cause, the next book Hack Time & Unlock Success will be out on the 10th of April 2023 on Amazon.