DALL-E illustrated children book!

Hi everyone!

Here is a children fiction my mum wrote and I illustrated using DALL-E.

It was translated from Arabic to English by my 7 years old son.

I am preparing a page with the links to all the DALL-E images used.


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That is AWSOME!
Best of luck!

Awesome! It looks very cute. I am exploring doing the same for a children’s book for my nephew, but can’t figure out how to get the same image doing different things (if that makes sense). For example, I want my cartoon cat firefighter putting out house fires in different poses (standing with hose, with a running with a ladder etc.) If anyone has any tips, send them my way. Thanks!

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Greetings! Were you able to use the same style and image likeness throughout the book? And if so, how?


Yeah, I’m looking for the same type of assistance for a dog book. Has anyone provided you with assistance?

This is not possible AFAIK, currently with DALL-E.
I know that Google’s Imagen (I don’t think it is public) does allow you to do something like that.

In my book, I tried intentionally to create different styles to showcase what DALL-E is capable of. Otherwise, I tried to create long and very descriptive prompts to maintain style as much as possible.