Bing feature is no longer available for many users

I suddenly got kicked out of my bing browsing chat with an error message saying the chat was too big and i should start a new one. There was only a few queries in it.

After that the bing feature was no longer appearing in the options.
This is the case for many other users as seen on a few others posts on this forum. this doesn’t seem to be a planned maintenance as some other users seem to still have access to the option, so I’m opening a bug thread.

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You could try some of the browser plug-ins instead of opting for the bing version. At least until the issue is resolved.

As I don’t use this specific feature very often I won’t make a suggestion but there definitely are solutions.

Hope this helps.

PS. Bing has also been removed from my account(?).

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To add to @vb great suggestion, please make use of the support bot (bottom right hand corner) to register the issue and leave your contact details, this way the right people will be alerted to the problem and hopefully a resolution/explanation will be forthcoming.