OpenAI's Impersonation - Possible fraudulent use of OpenAI's Chat Bot

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to report it but I wanted to bring to your attention a crypto project that is using OpenAI’s identity (logo, name, etc.) to mislead people into buying their token under the guise of “financing AI research”.

It basically uses GPT-3 API on a Telegram chatbot including ads and links to “invest” in the project. It initially portrayed itself as an official OpenAI project but now it seems to be trying to distance itself from the brand by making small changes to its presentation.

Information about this project can be found at

I hope you can address this so that any possible scams/fraud such as this one do not get big enough to harm OpenAI’s project or AI research in general.



@staff Please look into this

Nice, bro.

Let’s try to make the world a better place to live.

This is the the page of the crypto project:

Is this a scam then ? Is OpenAI behind OpenAI ERC ? Because the coinmarketcap page of “OPENAI ERC” uses the exact same logo. The website you mentioned did not.

OpenAI is not behind the above mentioned project, it has already been passed on to our legal team. Thanks for sharing here!

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