Anybody wants to test our Fyrebox Quizzes plugin?

We developed a plugin that uses ChatGPT to create quizzes and leverages our platform ( ) to display them in a classic or chatbot format. We would love some developers to test it out and let me know what you think in this thread.

How to install
Click on “Install an unverified plugin” and enter the domain

How to use
Just type “Create a quiz about …” and ChatGPT should use our plugin. Sometimes, ChatGPT will come up with the questions automatically or ask you to enter the questions. In that case, type “Come up with the questions.” When you create a quiz, you should get two links: one to play in a classic format (a box with buttons) and a link to play it in a chatbot format.
You can ask to list the quiz questions and type “Make question #2 funnier”, for instance. You can also request to delete a particular question.

All the quizzes created are saved automatically to a dedicated anonymous account based on your ephemeral user id. To save them permanently to a Fyrebox account, type “Save my quiz”. ChatGPT will display a link that redirects you to create an account or log in and will save the quiz to that account.

One last note: If anybody is bilingual, our plugin detects your browser’s language (using the accept-language header) and creates the quiz in that language. So, if your browser is set to a different language than English, please test in that language; we support 103 languages. I tried it in French, and it worked as expected. I would love somebody to test it in other languages.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Have you seen this topic?

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Thanks! I have just signed up. One field is confusing, the “Link to Install your plugin”. To install an unverified plugin, the tester just has to enter the domain name, no?

Yep, just asking for the link to the domain!