Beginner tutorial for Playground using natural language?

I have near zero experience with OpenAI. Looking for some basic tutorials to build simple automations with natural language
For starters I would like to find a tutorial series that would develop my skills in working with the Playground using natural language to create some code to automated some things that will give me step by step instructions
do this

get this

do something else

Possible things I might want to work towards:
Generate an auto response to an email form a customer interested in blue widgets
Scrape some data when a web page updates and post it to a Google sheet
Take some data form a google sheet and post it to a web form

I realise some of these will need coding for full implementation, but at this stage want to see how far I can go with natural language, starting with more simple examples.

Hi @colink

Welcome to the community. is the go to resource. From there you can see examples, tutorials and docs.


Thanks. I have started working through those

Assumed there would by third party tutorials.

Non programmers would not consider the input in this example as “natual language”
Natural language to OpenAI API

There is zero information about how the “natural language” was constructed or how to use the code.

I know OpenAI can work with what a non programmer would call “natural language”.

There is no explanation about what settings do and how settings affect inputs:
Max tokens 60
Temperature 0.5
Top p 1.0
Frequency penalty 0.8
Presence penalty 0.0

I will continue to work through but my search for third party training continues.

The description refers to examples, yet the prompt has no examples.

This was my prompt + 2 requests / responses. (Was the example wrong, was I correct?)
Note would not work without ### before input. Zero mention of ### in the example

The following is a list of companies and the categories they fall into:

Apple, Facebook, Fedex

Category: Technology
Category: Social Media
Category: Delivery
Category: Automotive
Category: Fast Food
Note - I hade to enclose (###) with () to display above

Why do some prompts need (###) before new inputs and others do not?
Convert movie titles into emoji.

Back to the Future: :man::older_man::red_car::clock3:
Batman: :person_in_tuxedo::bat:
Transformers: :red_car::robot:
Star Wars: :star::crossed_swords:
The Italian Job: :it::briefcase:


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Have a read: OpenAI API