Tipps on creating a proper prompt

Hello everybody!

I wanted to add top_k in as a parameter. I believe this does not exist in the same way as temperature or top_p for example.
So I tried adding top_k as part of a prompt, which works quite well until the questions become related to maths and the prompt becomes part of the instruction apperantly.

I know from other generative AIs that f.e. brackets or other seperators can be used to distinguishe between the prompt/role of the AI and the instruction.
I tried a few, which worked only to a small degree better than without them.

Does anybody have good experiences with setting up a prompt in a similar way?
Any ideas or leads are highly appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

Can you show some examples of your current prompts? Also which model are you using?

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Thank you very much!

I am using the “text-davinci-003” and for the prompt:

prompt = st.session_state.conversation + tone_input + user_input + '(if writing code: start with a summary, then put the used language infront of the code in “”, then start with < code> and end it with < /code>) around every code. ’

So I add the conversation so far for reference which I want to change in the future, tone_input is another optional prompt f.e. “explain like I am five” and then at the end in bracktes is what I am experimenting with currently.
Could the order be an issue here maybe? As the user input is inbetween previous conversation and prompt?

Well, there are now API endpoints for 3.5-turbo and GPT-4, both models are significantly more performant and are dedicated “instruction” models, so they have a bias towards following instructions rather than simply performing a completion, worth experimenting with in the playground.

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Thank you for the link! I will try it out
And you are right, this would make it alot easier.

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