Support for generate article base on parameters

Hello everybody,
I’m new to GPT-3 and I’m trying to do some tests with the openAI playground.

I asked the AI ​​directly what the parameters were to generate an article in Italian (I’m Italian and I wanted to generate text in my language) and I received the list of all the parameters to generate an example article.

I tried to use them but unfortunately the result was different from what I thought (only about ten lines). I don’t know if I’m using playground parameters and settings correctly.

Could you please give me some advice? is it possible to find some documentation / information mainly focused on the generation of structured paragraphs and articles?. I would like to deepen the subject and learn how to better use the tool in order to create my own generation tool that takes advantage of the openai API.
Thanks in advance for the suggestions and any references to examples and documentation.

the prompt that I used:

Hi Michele,

Check below link for introduction.

For text completion, this is the link.

It has everything you want&need to know.
Have fun!