Before is officially released, we can first discuss how we use it

We can discuss strategy before the battle begins.I hope everyone can participate in the discussion so that we can get more ideas.

The direction of our discussion

  1. How can we get tickets as early as possible.
  2. How we apply it to our industry.
  3. If you have used it please share how it works.

In addition, I would like to remind everyone that there are many scammers out there, and ordinary users currently do not have any access rights.


I am waiting eagerly to use it.

My first intention is to test its physics and other dynamics ranging from natural factors to other video or cinematographic testing. For that I am developing a set of prompts and will compare the results with classic simulation tools.


If Sora delivers what it promises and Open AI also offers an affordable model, then it will certainly be the promised game changer and a brand for all other developers on the market. So if more than 4-16 seconds can be generated, this is the leap for the user from shorter or teaser mode to narrator and movie maker mode. Then the democratization of an entire industry will have begun.


Hi, new Sora video makers! I am a visual designer in the traveling material platform. I would love to get access to Sora and test the visualizing expression. Impressed with the material released! And I can’t wait to use. Please let us know if we can get the access to test. Thanks a lot!


when can we use Sora.
Extremely looking forward to this model.

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