Becoming a Verified Builder for ChatGPT Store

I’m eagerly looking forward to the launch of the ChatGPT store and I have several GPT models that I’m excited to share with the community.

However, I’m not entirely clear on the process of becoming a ‘verified builder’.

I want to ensure that I meet all the necessary criteria and follow the correct procedures to achieve this status.

Could anyone with experience or knowledge in this area provide some guidance? Specifically, I’m looking for information on:

  1. The criteria for becoming a verified builder.
  2. The application and review process for verification or application publishing.

I appreciate any insights you can provide.

Looking forward to contributing to the ChatGPT store!


Well, GPT builder was announced earlier this week, and was released shortly after.
There is no such knowledge yet; no further details about “verified builder” status has been released yet. It is likely it will remain that way until the GPT store is released towards the end of this month.

Keep checking OpenAI’s blog for more information. It will be released soon enough, but I think the focus now is allowing people the time to build first.


Thank you for your response and the information provided.

I understand the current focus is on allowing people to build first before the launch of the GPT store. However, I share a concern regarding the potential influx of similar applications, such as numerous virtual girlfriend apps, which could overwhelm the approval process or create redundancy in the store offerings.

I was hoping for more upfront guidelines or criteria from OpenAI to help streamline this process and avoid these foreseeable challenges.

It would be beneficial for both builders and the platform to have a clearer understanding of what types of applications are encouraged or prioritized.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your advice to keep an eye on OpenAI’s blog for updates. I’ll stay tuned for more details as they become available.


Well, it sounds like they’re verifying the builder not the tool itself, so if somebody is going to make 100 virtual girlfriend chatbots, that won’t necessarily affect the verification process of the contributor.

That being said, this is likely going to be a free for all akin to Apple’s App Store release. The influx is gonna happen. The amount of bots released day 1 is probably going to be a lot. It’s gonna be tough. This is what true competition is; can you build something that stands out in a slush-pile of other apps?

I will say though, if you’re wanting tips for bots that are likely going to be encouraged and used frequently, OpenAI and its user base is very utility-focused. Making a utilitarian tool with custom “actions” is going to help make you stand out. (I believe?) is the platform for those who want a robot GF. That market is already here, and people are already making money off of that. Are people likely going to flood GPT store with that anyway? Yeah probably. But will users of ChatGPT use them? Probably not as much, considering those who are looking for that kind of stuff have already likely bonded with their AI companion over at

Finally; trust in yourself and believe in your project. Don’t worry about what other people are doing as much; focus on what you want to do, trust in yourself that it will get recognized, believe in it, and you will succeed. Chances are, if you really believe it’s going to succeed, it’s useful and fun for you, and you love it, then chances are others will recognize that too.

It’s frightening, yes, but it’ll be okay. People who make it first are usually just fine down the road. You got this.


Hi Macha, just a quick question? Do you know if GPTs developed before the GPT Store is launched will remain unique? For example, if a GPT builder creates a GPT called “JSON File Analyzer”. Will this name be unique after GPT store is available to the public?

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I can’t say for sure, as I’m not a part of OpenAI’s dev team, however I can make an educated guess and say I don’t think they’re going to make GPT store names unique; not even the Apple Store really does that (try searching for QR scanner on there and you’ll see exactly what I mean).
All in all, I don’t think you have anything to worry about!

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Good morning Macha, Thank you so much for your input on my request. Let’s keep waiting for the official announcemet of the GPTs Store release!!!

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