Request for Guidance on GPT Verification for Educational Use Case

Dear Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your valuable guidance on a matter of great importance to me.

As an individual with no prior coding experience, I have successfully created a GPT model using GPT builder. This model is designed with a specific use case in mind - to assist students who are preparing for a particular examination. I believe this tool could be a game-changer in the educational landscape, providing much-needed support to our diligent students.

With the anticipated launch of the GPT store at the end of this month, I am eager to feature my GPT model on this platform. However, I am unsure about the verification process for models created using the GPT builder.

Could anyone kindly guide me on how to get my GPT model verified for inclusion in the GPT store? Any advice or direction in this regard would be greatly appreciated.