Basic retrieval is not even working?

I was trying assistant API’s, trying the retrieval tool. I uploaded a simple PDF file clearly stating about a topic but while asking very simple retrieval questions the assistant API’s are failing.

Responding such as:

user: What is LLama Index?
assistant: The search for “LLama Index” in the uploaded document did not yield any results. It’s possible that the term may not be present in the text or that it could be spelled differently. If you can provide more context or details about the LLama Index you’re referring to, I can attempt another search or try to answer based on general knowledge.
user: What is LLamaIndex?
assistant: The search for “LLamaIndex” also did not yield any results in the uploaded document. It seems that the term LLamaIndex is not present or it may be referred to differently within the document. If you’re looking for specific information about LLamaIndex, please provide additional context or clarify if it might be known by another name, and I can assist you further.


let me know if this works for you. Assistant api, retrieval file api is not working - #18 by kingsframe