Assistants:Error Page at URL file-*** had no contents

Why can’t I use the Retrieval tool in assistants to open files? I get an error:
Error when executing command open_url(file-***)
Page at URL file-*** had no contents.
The page you opened had no contents.
But when I specify the use of the Code interpreter tool, I can open the file.

Also, Why can I open files uploaded on the ChatGPT webpage in assistants, but not files uploaded in the assistants’ own conversation?

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I got the same Issue, some month ago everything was working fine.

I believe that at the moment the only files that work with the Assistant RETRIEVAL are PDF’s. (Unfortunately). You can test that by disabling code interpreter and then trying to upload / attach non pdf files.

We have working implementations with txt, md, and other formats as well.

Retrieval is quite unpredictable at the moment. The format doesn’t seem to create as many issues as having multiple files. The assistant is far from deterministic and seems to be shown different chunks of the file contents for the same user question at different times.

Retrieval uses an internal function myfiles_browser which has commands like the quote one that is supposed to be used to log the chunks of text used in retrieval, but this really works seldomly at the moment. There are multiple theories in this forum but nothing confirmed by OpenAI yet.