Assistant API system files should not be exposed to the user + PDF file parsing is intermittently buggy

In the scenario where you want to back a GPT with training and allow users to upload additional files, its very difficult to near impossible to get the assistant to not mention the training file as a file the user has uploaded.

Also, as of the last month file uploads especially via PDF fail (the assistant can not see any content), nor the name of the file. Potentially something in the way that we’re doing the uploads, but its unclear because I can repro in the playground as well, but not every time.

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Please clarify if you are discussing the assistant API or custom GPTs.

From your post it’s not clear.


Assistant API. Sorry the body of the post should read “where you want to back an Assistant with training”

Does openAI intend to address or even acknowledge this glaring months long gap in the assistant API that has been mentioned at least a dozen times and confirm by many in this forum?

Files added to the assistant aren’t used for training. They’re used for RAG.

I’m not sure what the issue is though, the free RAG solution provided in assistants it’s very bare bones. If you want something more sophisticated you’ll need to roll your own.

Sorry, RAG yes and I am rolling my own, but this is such a fundamental bug (assistants consistently do not have access to the file contents at all)

Hi, @ashot1
I Uploaded a pdf with GPT4 API. But I am having difficulty retrieving contents via Assistant API Retrieval tool.
I get a friendly report : “File Upload Success” and “Content Extract Success.”
This thing almost has gallows humor, because I have no idea why I do not see anything extracted when I try to retrieve,
Any ideas?

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