Files and Assistants - Cannot get assistant to return the correct answer

I’m new to Open AI. I’ve created and assistant and given it a very simple JSON text file that basically translates parts numbers. The JSON is just a bunch of pairs of part numbers. The idea being, I can ask the assistant what part number translates to another, etc.

Very simple.

However, every time I ask the assistant, it returns the wrong answer. I cannot figure out why. It seems like such a simple request. Am I not uploading the file up in the right manner? is there something I could do better with the assistant setup?

plz pervide an exsample without an api key or it will be flaged u can also name the parts in the list as whatever u want just wanted to see if its a syntax thing or api script conflict

The retrieval behind Assistants is basically a search feature for similar documents, that for a query, returns semantically similar results. It compares the language quality of AI written inputs to large chunks of text; it is not a database query for specific text.

You might want to instead write a function tool that interacts with your own code. If the user will put in a reliable part number, the tool code can return to the AI the equivalent parts from a very specific match search.