Avoiding common ChatGPT writing styles and structures

ChatGPT has a very clear writing style. If you read it, you know it was written by ChatGPT.

For example, it will overuse certain words (glimpse into, dive, stark, etc).

It will overuse certain stylistic structures. Eg “It’s not just X, it’s also Y”, “The result? More people are…” etc.

It’s also very flowery.

Asking ChatGPT to avoid these doesn’t work. I don’t necessarily want a unique style, just a generic everyday English style, that avoids the above.

Has anyone found a way to avoid the above and make ChatGPT sound less like ChatGPT?

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Hi Taci - while I tend to use the API more than ChatGPT, I’d say that it has helped me to combine multiple “strategies” to reduce (not entirely eliminate though) these styles, such as giving the GPT a concrete persona and combining this with explicit instructions for the types of writing style and nature of language I would like to see it using, i.e. a positive formulation of the style. Occasionally, I would also add an instruction asking it to avoid the use of superlatives and exaggerations and provide in brackets a few of the common words or examples for reference.

It’s not silver bullet solution but it has somewhat helped in my case.

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You can try custom instructions to make ChatGPT sound different.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. For example, for one conversation, you might want it to talk like a friend, and In another, you might want it to respond like someone in a professional setting.