Auth0 Token Expiring with Plugins

We noticed that when the token expires from Auth0 it’s not handling it nicely and just keeping an old token - is there anything we can do besides tell users they need to uninstall/reinstall?

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Hi Matt,

OAuth is a complex topic, have you seen this post? Plugin Oauth error: "Error getting system message: {"message": "User is missing credentials"}" - #27 by AustinColeman

It’s well worth exploring the forum for solutions, I’m not sure if this is exactly your issue, but it seems related.

This is likely because Auth0 is only issuing access tokens, and not issuing a refresh token - for this you need to have the offline_access scope in your query params. You may need to proxy the client_url to make sure you have the correct query params (e.g. including the audience param).

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