Astro-Insights: Unveiling an AI Assistant for AstroDynamics - Your Feedback is Welcome

Hello everyone,

The continual advancement of AI technologies has led us to a question: How effectively can AI assist in complex, specialized fields? To explore this, we’ve ventured into one of the most challenging realms - AstroDynamics - and developed an AI assistant designed to navigate its complexities.

We’re thrilled to introduce Astro-Insights, a new plugin for the ChatGPT large language model. This tool was designed with the purpose of discovering the limits of LLMs in specialist applications and to gain insights into guiding them effectively into the realm of AstroDynamics.

Astro-Insights provides an opportunity to delve into astrophysical documentation, conduct mission simulations, analyze results, and access a comprehensive satellite database. While we’ve striven to ensure the accuracy of the physics simulations, currently our focus lies primarily in the accurate simulation of celestial bodies orbiting Earth. More complex scenarios, like a Mars mission, represent future challenges.

However, Astro-Insights is an evolving project. Our mission is to constantly refine and expand the tool. We aim to add more data sources, incorporate additional astrodynamic techniques, and increase the utilization of AI capabilities.

We encourage everyone, whether an AI enthusiast or a seasoned AstroDynamics expert, to explore Astro-Insights. We also ask you to share this tool with those who might not be engaged with AI but are deeply involved in AstroDynamics.

But most importantly, we want to hear from you. Your feedback, questions, and suggestions are invaluable for our mission to refine and improve Astro-Insights. Please feel free to send us a private message or respond here.

To try, start a new chat - go to plugin store - search for Astro-Insights - install.

Now prompt: „help me with the plugin“

Or visit the plugin Homepage

Join us in our mission to push the boundaries of AI in the AstroDynamics field. Let’s learn and grow together.

Best regards,

Astro-Insights Team

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