Assistants not mentioning the file

Hi there, My apologies if this is a really novice question.
Im developing a chatbot for Real Estate.
I have most of it working great, and have connected to my custom assistant ok, in my custom assistant I uploaded a file manually with all real estate properties available, however the responses keep mentioning the file I have uploaded and im trying to figure out how to stop the responses mentioning the file I have uploaded.


I recently had the same problem. My current solution is to explicitly tell the assistant not to mention the files in the instructions prompt. I just added a sentence like this: “You never mention the files.”. So far it works like 80% of the time. If you find anything better please let me know!

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I had the same issue. In the assistant instructions I added the following and it is working great:
In your answers, do not mention the existence of the csv files that are attached to the assistant. Instead use the term dataset. For example don’t say the file customers.csv, but instead say the customers dataset.


That’s a great idea, I will try to add this to my instructions prompt. Thank you for your kind contribution.

Thank you so much I will certainly try adding the term ‘dataset’ into my instructions I really appreciate your kind contribution. Im glad im not alone in facing this issue :slight_smile: