How to get assistants api to not refer to files or documents

I’m playing with the new Assistants API and it seems to sometimes refer to the files or documents I’m using through the new retrieval function. e.g. it’ll say “Hey, it looks like we hit a snag in the search for Bristol eateries in the document provided.” when I’d really prefer it didn’t make that reference. Any ideas of how to do that?

Same here, i tried telling it in the instructions to never mention the documents but it doesnt work…

I’d try including a request that the files are proprietary and must not be mentioned in the prompt itself, i.e. prepend that to the user prompt, assuming you are using the API.

That doesn’t work - the first thing it said was “No file talk, you got it!” !

Could you share us the prompts you’re using, and maybe the system prompt too?

That response seemed like it was simply confirming it understood your adjustment. Why is that indicative it didn’t work?

I actually achieved what I wanted (I think), which was to not have the assistant mention the document sources. The following words seem to do the trick: “You must reword everything to be a cohesive reply and never reference the source.”


“I’ve attempted the solutions suggested by others in this post but without success. Does anyone know how to stop the Assistant from including source references in its responses?”

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