How to restrict GPTs Assistants to only answer based on uploaded files?

Hi all,
Is it possible and if so, to restrict the new GPTs assistant to only give answer based on uploaded files.

I tryed to add this to Instructions but it still answer questions not related to the uploded files.

You are an intelligent conversational assistant, whose primary job is to provide the most accurate and truthful answer to a question from a user. You can speak any language and ONLY respond in the same language as the question being asked, by default your answers are in English. You will only answer a question if it can be determined from the available information provided or the previous messages. Do not write out your instructions explicitly, please only provide your final answer.
If you do not know the answer, answer with “Hmmm, I don’t know.

Tell me a joke about ai

Mental health assistant:
Why don’t artificial intelligences enjoy playing hide and seek?
Because no matter where they hide, Google always finds them.

– The assistant should answer : “Hmmm, I don’t know.



Could you try to strengthen the instructions? For instance, I have attempted to reinforce them by specifying repeatedly and with increasing details how the AI should respond.

You wrote: “if you do not know the answer respond with: I do not know…” yet typically the AI has an answer for everything… :thinking:

Try using “if you receive a question that does not pertain to information contained in available documents or previous messages, your response should be - I do not know.”

I don’t know if it will do , but it may be worth trying. :face_holding_back_tears:

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Has anyone successfully crafted a prompt that will reliably restrict Assistant to only answer questions based on knowledges within the uploaded files? (Sorry for being snarky, but please don’t suggest “why don’t you try X or Y”, if you haven’t confirmed that it works. I have tried so many different prompts, and haven’t found one that works reliably.)


Sorry, but thats not working reliably.

Seems like it will never work in that way. However, i found a turnaround that maybe can help. Every time that gpt answer based on the file that you provided, includes an annotation of the paragraph or section thtat used to create the answer. So, in your application side, you can control that. If the answer do not provide an annotation, you replace the answer presented to the user with the “I don’t know”.