Assistants Bugs in Playground

Same here, I have removed the files from the assistant, but it keeps showing in the file section. When tried to delete there it says: There was an error deleting the file: No such File object

I haven’t been able to get a large file (within the file token limit) to open in the assistant. The file is there, but if I get this message when the thread tries to access it:

There was an issue fetching items: An error occurred. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at
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Me too, anytime my message is even slightly complex I get:
" Run failed We’re currently processing too many requests - please try again later."

As a former programmer who has been to many dev conferences, I see the “dog and pony” show is still thriving … as in, you get excited, open wallet, then get home to find that nothing works like it did on “stage” and I suppose that AI and Houdini have a lot in common. Of course, I really do want AI to succeed because it has so much promise, but failures like this are not a good sign going forward … hoping for better.

You can also not upload .zip files, I made a separate thread for asking about that but ig you could add that to the list as well. (edit I managed to get it working by disabling Retrieval which was somehow still enabled after submitting with it off anyways)

when i upload pdfs for retrieval it gives me an error when i try to save the assistant.

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Be mindful of the restrictions on content length as they seem to apply to uploads.

It gives an error if your files are above the 2,000,000 token limit, but it seems to stall and fail even on this 3mb file, when it tries to access it from the thread.


Actually i am now getting this error even when i switch retrieval off

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in the end i managed to save the assistant by setting the model to gpt-3.5 then saving and switching it back to 4. but now whenever it tries to do a retrieval i get this above error

Does anyone know what the hard limit is to the number of Assistants you can create per account?

I would highly recommend using jsonl files to output. I have been successful in uploading by using that instead.

import json

MAX_TOKENS = 1000000
file_number = 1
number_of_tokens = 0

# Open the first file to start writing
with open(f"assistant_files/page_{file_number}.jsonl", 'w', encoding='utf-8') as file:

    for index, row in df.iterrows():
        # If adding the next row would exceed the max token count, start a new file
        if row["n_tokens"] + number_of_tokens > MAX_TOKENS:
            file_number += 1
            number_of_tokens = 0
            file.close()  # Close the current file
            file = open(f"assistant_files/page_{file_number}.jsonl", 'w', encoding='utf-8')  # Open the next file

        # Write the row as a JSON object to the file, ensure_ascii=False to handle non-ASCII text properly
        file.write(json.dumps({"text": row['text']}, ensure_ascii=False) + '\n')
        number_of_tokens += row["n_tokens"] + 1  # Increment the token count
        print(f"File {file_number} has {number_of_tokens} tokens")
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The Threads item in the Playground UI randomly disappears and reappears after refreshing.

CleanShot 2023-11-07 at 21.42.56


Not 100% sure on this but my usage of GPT4 tokens skyrocketed while trying to get results from the Retrieval assistant with a bigger pdf, despite it never giving me actual results.

So while the retrieval and assistant parts remain free for a few more days, it’s using real tokens up in failed attempts to chat with it.

I’m a real newbie to this so I might be totally wrong.

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same here! It says it’s free but I’ve eaten through a lot of tokens both when using the model in playground and when using the API for the model externally.

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Looks like more conversation about cost and token usage here:

I can’t upload .zip files. And yes this is a complete sentence.

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seems like threads is gone forever. is there a way to raise a request to bring it back

Also can’t upload PNG image files. And the error says that it thinks it is a JPEG.

Failed to update assistant: UserError: Failed to index file: Unsupported file file-g63fBVthfYH0wiWDOWmQyRLV type: image/jpeg

I’m experiencing a bug today that was working yesterday where the “Submit” doesn’t work in the playground when an assistant wants to issue multiple function calls. It’s only working when a single function is suggested.

Mine usually keeps running indefinitely. I have had luck 2 out of 8 times only (using the same prompt). Anyone else experiencing infinite loading?