Assistant Issues - Only calling functions, usage total increasing even when not in use

I can’t find documentation on this, but having major issues with the API and assistant playground.

Specifically knowledge retrieval and file uploads. Uploading a PDF and asking about it causes it to usually return nothing. And possibly hang or something in the background and keep billing, as my usage is skyrocketting even when not doing anything. After using it all day yesterday, I had a dollar or 2 of charges. Today I noticed I was over 50$ with not much more or even less usage.

I see I have over 5 million context tokens generated, so I’m wondering when i’m not getting any message returned from a thread if it’s hanging in the background and continuing to loop or something. If you’re using the API for assistants, check your billing/usage asap and make sure it’s what you’re expecting.

Another issue, GPT 3.5 is ONLY calling functions if there’s a function available to call. It will basically ignore everything else and only call functions. This was not happening yesterday either.

After searching all the docs I can’t find any info on this. Has anyone experienced something similar?

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YES! It simply ignores the function description, the system or user prompts. It calls the function even if you explicitly tell it not to.

Okay thank god I’m not the only one. The status is showing everything normal, but something is seriously wrong with the assistant api/retrieval. And 3.5 turbo.

Function calling was working pretty well for the previous GPT 3.5 and 4 models. The new ones released on the dev day work drastically different and mostly ignore whatever you say.

Okay, I was using perfectly find with both models yesterday, and retrieval worked fine as well. At like 2pm ET or so everything went bananas. Almost all my responses with gpt4 are now empty and it returns nothing, and 3.5 is only calling functions.

First issue I’ve had and it breaks pretty much everything.