Assistants Bugs in Playground


Actually i am now getting this error even when i switch retrieval off

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in the end i managed to save the assistant by setting the model to gpt-3.5 then saving and switching it back to 4. but now whenever it tries to do a retrieval i get this above error

Does anyone know what the hard limit is to the number of Assistants you can create per account?

I would highly recommend using jsonl files to output. I have been successful in uploading by using that instead.

import json

MAX_TOKENS = 1000000
file_number = 1
number_of_tokens = 0

# Open the first file to start writing
with open(f"assistant_files/page_{file_number}.jsonl", 'w', encoding='utf-8') as file:

    for index, row in df.iterrows():
        # If adding the next row would exceed the max token count, start a new file
        if row["n_tokens"] + number_of_tokens > MAX_TOKENS:
            file_number += 1
            number_of_tokens = 0
            file.close()  # Close the current file
            file = open(f"assistant_files/page_{file_number}.jsonl", 'w', encoding='utf-8')  # Open the next file

        # Write the row as a JSON object to the file, ensure_ascii=False to handle non-ASCII text properly
        file.write(json.dumps({"text": row['text']}, ensure_ascii=False) + '\n')
        number_of_tokens += row["n_tokens"] + 1  # Increment the token count
        print(f"File {file_number} has {number_of_tokens} tokens")
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The Threads item in the Playground UI randomly disappears and reappears after refreshing.

CleanShot 2023-11-07 at 21.42.56


Not 100% sure on this but my usage of GPT4 tokens skyrocketed while trying to get results from the Retrieval assistant with a bigger pdf, despite it never giving me actual results.

So while the retrieval and assistant parts remain free for a few more days, it’s using real tokens up in failed attempts to chat with it.

I’m a real newbie to this so I might be totally wrong.

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same here! It says it’s free but I’ve eaten through a lot of tokens both when using the model in playground and when using the API for the model externally.

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Looks like more conversation about cost and token usage here:

I can’t upload .zip files. And yes this is a complete sentence.

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seems like threads is gone forever. is there a way to raise a request to bring it back

Also can’t upload PNG image files. And the error says that it thinks it is a JPEG.

Failed to update assistant: UserError: Failed to index file: Unsupported file file-g63fBVthfYH0wiWDOWmQyRLV type: image/jpeg

I’m experiencing a bug today that was working yesterday where the “Submit” doesn’t work in the playground when an assistant wants to issue multiple function calls. It’s only working when a single function is suggested.

Mine usually keeps running indefinitely. I have had luck 2 out of 8 times only (using the same prompt). Anyone else experiencing infinite loading?