Assistant api retriever sometimes cannot read pdf

Sometimes it cannot read the pdf, sometimes it can. I wonder what is the reason behind this inconsistency? Is there a way to check it?

Maybe copy and pasting the responses that you received could help the thread here.

I have no clue why this is happening to be honest, but there is an outgage going on right now, have you checked on if the file got correctly uploaded?

Same here (but then with the Assistants playground. I uploaded two pdf files succesfully. However it looks like the assistent cannot read the documents.
Not clear what’s wrong. According to the files overview pages both files have status “ready”.

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I am having a similar issue when using the assistant api to perform retrieval on some html files I uploaded.

Have you found the solution? I have the same issue with HTML file. Sometimes, it can retrieve data, sometimes it can’t.

I’m having the same issue today. Just last week I had the same files PDF and csv uploaded. and analyzed and now it’s giving me trouble.