Retriever Assistant can't read scanned pdfs?

It seems the assistant is unable to read scanned pdf, both in the playground and the api. Is anyone else having this problem? It seems despite gpt api can comprehend images, its api still not able to do so.


That is correct … I tried it too and got the “No text detected” message. I dont think the retriever can do Vision and OCR on uploaded documents.

I would make sense – since images are not one of the supported formats for retriever. The retriever only supports 16 types of files right now.

File upload and retrieval too buggy atm, basically non-functional. Hopefully, they already working on fixes.

PDFs are notorious for being difficult & inconsistent to read.

In the meantime you can use GPT-4V to create a more digestible format

the model gpt-4-1106-vision-preview is not available yet for the assistant api.

What I intend to say is do some pre-processing work on the PDF using GPT4V in ChatGpt for example

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