Aspect Ratio in Chat GPT does not work

I am trying to create image that have an aspect ratio of 2:3, taller, vertical but no matter which prompts I use, chatGPT always has colored space at the top and the bottom of the image and does not use the whole area. I have tried all kinds of different prompts and it just won’t do it.

Any help would be appreciated.

I can only imagine what you asked for to get the image, but here’s two lines before the image request that ensure the size is selected and also give a better chance that the image is not rotated in the picture:

- Create a tall portrait aspect ratio image size for me (1024x1792).
- The prompt you send shall include “generate tall aspect ratio portrait size image”.
- Dalle image: A black and white line drawing on a white background, with strong bold outlines tracing the image. The image depicts a river surrounded by some pine trees, with mountains on each side and in the distance.

Lets input this into a new ChatGPT Plus GPT-4 chat and see what we get:

Not so great? Some correction:

The image has excess white space on top and bottom. Do not reuse gen_id, and modify the prompt to reflect that the drawing’s contents occupies the full height of the image.

I think the imager just has problems portraying beautiful landscapes in portrait aspect ratio. And problems in general — this is another side-effect you can get:

(I suspect that the technology starts with a square image, and then expands it. With a line drawing that seems done, there is no expanding to do…)

Yeah, it just doesn’t work no matter what I do.