Dalle3 - unable to generate Aspect 4K Ratio

I have tried creating an image in a 4K resolution. I have even updated its memory to be in that resolution. Even asked it to regenerate it in that aspect ratio, but all downloads are always in a 1024x1024 ratio.

Is there some other way I can change the setting, so I get that aspect ratio. I asked it to do aspect 1024x1792 ratio it did that no issues, but that is not what I am ultimately after.

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Heya. Welcome to the dev community forum!

Are you using the API or ChatGPT?

The 4k resolution is separate from the aspect ratio. In the API, you just specify the size you want, and in ChatGPT you can just ask for a wide or tall image or landscape or portrait orientation.

What prompt are you using exactly that’s giving you problems?