Ask chatGPT or GPT3/4 about OpenAI APIs

I’m relatively inexperienced when it comes to OpenAI, but I wish I could ask ChatGPT or GPT3/4 about how to use OpenAI’s APIs. Sure I could copy paste some context, but it would be nice to open ChatGPT and just ask it for details and examples about text-davinci-edit-001 or other OpenAI API related questions. Can’t they just add their own docs to the training data? lol

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You can paste sections from the API documentation into the chat and tell the model to use that as a reference, it also understands how the OpenAI API works up to the end of 2021, the problem is that adding information to the model is a lengthy and expensive operation, you can use the Playground and the GPT-3.5-16K model if you have longer sections of documentation you want to be taken into account.


Is there a place where one can submit an idea and then the community evaluates each idea, with developers taking it into consideration for future updates? I also think it would be very useful if the complete documentation, in its current version, was available in ChatGPT.

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That is kind of what the forum is, evaluating peoples ideas for validity and problems is also quite time consuming, so bare that in mind. Helping out with a technical issue or a problem with interpretation is fun, performing commercial evaluation of ideas is what people do for a job.

The knowledge the AI has is part of a 45 terabyte corpus of data, and pretraining a model again to answer new knowledge - within on the range of $100 million dollars of compute. Then by the time the new knowledge is turned in to a product - obsolete again.

Knowledge augmentation could be done by a backend database that feeds relevant information in for a particular question, but that is a harder lookup for finding relevant coding techniques.

Do that, then you get “why don’t we let people upload their own documents?”. And OpenAI is now a database provider and stepping on lot more of its own developer partner’s products.

Do you guys know if there are any plugins that would help in this regard? Maybe OpenAI made one themselves I don’t know about. lol. I have tried a few API related plugins but they’re not great.

Might be a good idea to build one, a plugin that has the OpenAI documentation stored in a vector db and accessible via a query might be interesting.


I had in mind a separate section, something like what they have in Evernote, where you can vote on new features.

Great idea :+1:, but it’s not my level yet :wink:

Funny thing, the API is simple. By the time you’ve written a mini-chatbot with conversation streaming and chat history, and then move to the next project of fine tuning a model or making an embeddings retrieval AI, and gained those skills, you no longer need the answering those techniques would give you.


Is there any way that I can ask gpt to make a tracking e-id plugin for the custom website where people can track their deliveries?

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It seems like you are looking for ChatGPT! This is not it, you can find it over at