As a consumer I'm willing to pay $50 a month for more access

I’m sure you have backend processing problem which you are working diligently to remedy. In any case, I know personally I am willing to pay more than the $20-$25 plans you have for general consumers. My GPT use is mixed with personal and work tasks. So, more subscription options would be great especially since the new apps you are offering are using GPT-4.

Thx… and please try to work against ushering in a future dystopia … as difficult as that may be :wink:

You are free to use the API as an unlimited pay-as-you-go buffet.


I’m a bit confused.

You are asking Open AI to charge you more for the same service or are you hitting rate limits on your Plus account?

A Team account with the minimum of two seats is 60$ with 2x100 messages per three hours.

There are a few options on the table at the moment.

Right, I’m hitting message limit on GPT-4

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Got it. Makes sense.

Though, hopefully with their ongoing upgrades, perhaps rate limits will be relaxed over time?

"60$ with 2x100 messages per three hours

That option may work for me.

Pay for a year up front and you save $120!

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