Are there chatbot widgets from OpenAI/ChatGPT?

I’m looking for a ready chatbot widget that I can easily integrate into my Typo3 website and that communicates with my OpenAI API. I read on various sites that ChatGPT offers chatbot widgets that can be easily integrated into the website. But I couldn’t find them. Does this exist at all?

Sounds like you are looking for ChatGPT plugins but AFAIK thosre are still not supported by the API which is not ChatGPT.

There are many third party sites that list the ChatGPT plugins, my current go to site is

As there are many who seek similar, that being the use of ChatGPT plugins with the API, a third party solution might exist.

Sounds like you are looking for OpenAI API php clients but AFAIK those are all API library packages which can give behavior similar to ChatGPT.

There are many third-party developers on many sites that offer such libraries; my current go-to site is GitHub.

As there are many who have implemented similar - that being php-based chatbots that employ the OpenAI AI, you should closely scrutinize the quality, reputation, and security of the third-party solutions that do exist, and discover ones that can work with your existing software versions.

I don’t think attaching a widget is enough.

You want random anonymous users sending thousands of requests using your API token? That’s a quick way of getting poor very quickly.

I built a chatbot for Discourse and it uses a quota system related to users accounts so it is impossible for people to abuse the access. You cannot use the bot unless you sign up for an account.

It’s not compatible with your website platform, but if you ever integrate a Discourse community as part of your online offering, you might be interested: