GPTs security after subscribing to the "Team Plan"

As of 2024/02/02, after subscribing to the “Team” plan, GPTs are created using “My GPTs”. If I subscribe to the “Team” plan, will the files and codes attached to the “Knowledge File” and “Actions” functions in “MyGPTs” not be used for learning?
*Specifically, I would like to attach data that is confidential outside the company to the “knowledge” file. If I subscribe to the “Team” plan, won’t all functions be used for learning?

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Knowledge files basically provide extra context for the custom GPT. If it is confidential information, and this GPT is being used outside of the internal company, do not provide that information to the custom GPT.

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Thank you for your response!

I will be careful with confidential information.

Let me ask an additional question.

【Purpose】: We would like to create a chatbot regarding employment regulations within our company.

【Question】: In the “knowledge” function after subscribing to the Team plan, will it be learned?

We are aware that it will be “learned” if it is before subscribing to the Team or Enterprise plan.

We are very sorry, but we would appreciate it if you could reply to us when you have time.