API key where to paste cpde

Hi All,
Would you be so kind and explain me whole concept of creating content with chatgtp for business purpose? As far as I know I should generate API key which is sort of licence for generated content. I know how and from where get the key, but what should I do later? where should I paste it to create content- mostly it will be text generation, bulk information. I’ve been used chatgtp 4 for try and it gave me good quality respod.
Can you help me please and explain me the path I should go?

ChatGPT is a consumer product at chat.openai.com. You can chat all you want with it and ask it how to do your business tasks too, with higher quality output and more features with gpt-4 of ChatGPT Plus for $20/month.

The API is an Application Programming Interface. There is no “pasting your key”. The API is for developing applications, mainly for creating end user chatbot products and for doing other automated tasks such as semantic search or AI text processing.

You “own” any output generated by OpenAI’s models (except when it is obviously giving you playback of copyrighted works on demand). You can do with them as you please.

Ok, so if I’m not interested in creating applications just creating contents via chatgtp, theres no need to look deeper into api key.
the normal fee will sort it out?- i don’t get into trouble by using generated text in commercial purpose

You don’t need to pay anything at all right now to just sign up for a free account for basic ChatGPT and have it brainstorm, write slogans or ads, or whatever you want to ask it to create.

The output is also free of copyright/not copyrightable, so you don’t get any protection if you think you can simply publish AI-written contents for sale.