Api Key secret taking too much to generate and i can't get it

Hello there! I’ve trying to generate an api secret key on open ai Platform but it taking too long ,i vé waited like for 2. Hours or more with no result im using free tiers account , any suggestions ? Could help me . Thank you…

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  1. create new secret key
  2. name the key
  3. press (create secret key) button
  4. 1 second wait, message at top says “API Key Generated!”
  5. record the key value, you won’t be able to access it again.
  6. press done. Put into API software. See it work as fast as you can go.

Just did for three more keys, flawless.

Only use the key in your own private software. It can be quickly removed from your account if connection is detected from third-party use or found in sites regularly scanned for leaked keys.

Are you getting a specific error message when trying to use the API? If you created your OpenAI account over three months ago, your API trial may have expired, and then you’d need to purchase a credit to continue use.