Api, billing, subscriptions

To do some testing with api, do I need some type of subscription or do I need to pay a fee?


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The API is pay-for-use.

…But it also looks like they’ve changed the UI a smidge. :man_shrugging:

From the Developer interface, click the cog icon in the top right and go to billing.

Then, make a new project or use the default one. Here you can set spend limits and what not.

Make a project-specific api key. You should be good to go for testing in the Playground.

Until a couple of months ago OpenAI used to give us free 5$ credit for everyone account created to test the API out, now knowing they removed it is a bummer. For a cheaper, reliable model you can start testing with GPT-3.5-turbo (it even supports Assistants API).

Note: Make sure you set the max tokens (depending on your context window and if you would like to use a huge ahh prompt) and the spending limits.


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