Anyone w/ pricing experience for Custom GPT listing on GPT Store?


I’m creating a GPT using a custom dataset that’s pretty large (like 5 GB) that I want to update daily. I cannot find any information on pricing. I know finding and querying a custom GPT requires a Chat GPT Plus sub, but I don’t see if how much it would cost / tokens needed for other users to query that dataset.

Can anyone explain this to me? Thanks,


You don’t pay for anything besides your premium subscription when using GPTs. This includes when other people use your ChatGPT GPT/Agent/Thing. They just need to also have a premium subscription.

You may be able to upload these documents using retrieval. I am guessing however that your dataset is some structured format and would benefit from function calling (Actions) instead. This would require implementing your own API and RAG. Sky’s the limit.

So with retrieval (and it’s worth trying first) it’s completely free. Actions may be a better option but requires a lot more effort and costs.

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Thanks @RonaldGRuckus . I get that it’s free for GPT+ users. But isn’t there a token fee for uploading data? From what I’m seeing, there is still a processing fee for when you upload data as well as limits on that data. I’m seeing varying information with most referencing 20 text files and roughly 10 gb of data. Can anyone confirm with any accuracy there?

I don’t know but the only thing I know is that I will never pay for something is declared to be free. I will never and ever accept to pay, do you understand GPT?