API & File = What is the Cost?

Hi All,

I have a question for the new “Upload File” function for Developers. I am in search of a way to calculate the price.

Here is the fictive scenario:
1 File of 100 MB, containing 10,000 rows (.jsonl file)

-How much would it cost for to make ONE (1) inquiry into this file?

Scanning/reading the document will also cost tokens?


Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

You would pay $0.20 per 1Gigabyte per day or part thereof, so for a 100MB file that would be $0.02 per day per assistant plus whatever token charges for your model of choice going to the API and back from the API.

Hi. If is per day, it means every day you pay it even if you don’t use it?

Yes, storage is charged per Mb or Gb as the storage is still being taken up with your data irrespective of if you are using it or not.

What is the token cost? I know the per token cost but I’m finding single questions asked of the “GPTs” range from costing fractions of a penny to multiple dollars when using the same file. How do I know the cost in advance?

The first question asked on data the results in little context being found will produce a small amount of tokens used, but a question many questions down the line with complex context retrievals from the dataset you provide may take many tokens to full evaluate as all of the historical data needs to be sent each time to keep the conversational format.