Anyone has any business idea?

Don’t know but I make sure some sort of such information will reach you.


Please do so!
As a member in good standing you can still set a positive example for other potential investors.

Good luck with your success to failure ratio!



We are building a venture studio to accelerate skill-based community creation and development. We tackle the problem os scalability in typical venture studios by our protocol stack, TheInternetOfValue.

You can find the pitch deck over here:

would love to hear your thoughts and explore synergies.

Thank you,

I have loads of ideas. Most clearly working out too. I can give you one for free but if you need more dm me.

Free Idea: Eyes for the back of head.

  • Use motion tracking for read facing camera to trigger chatgpt to push emojis based on what images that trigger motion tracking events.

I got a lot of really great ones. I just keep to myself cause I do the need the cash and am bad at this. My problem solving and tree of thought for on boarding the process to something else ( how to explain ) is stellar.

I would like to talk. I have a new product in the Mental Health field. How can I contact you?

I’m an AI developer specializing in GPT-4 chatbots. Currently building a fashion AI web app, and an AI therapist with AI voices. My LinkedIn is Nikol Hayes, I’ll reach out to you about my apps and ideas!

Hi Jochen,

I am very interested in discussing this with you

How can we connect?

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Just wanted to give a short update. Starting to send out answers to private messages now.
If you don’t get one today it simply means I did not work on your message yet.
But everyone will get one.
If the answer might be a no it most probably just means that I don’t understand the potential (and am not willing to understand it).


I’m building an AI chatbot for Health & Life Insurance Brokers to integrate on their websites or social media. It’s designed to automate answering questions, gathering client info, and finding suitable insurance plans. Unique to our chatbot is its ability to use the Healthcare . gov API for data access, benefiting from the open-source nature of the platform. This feature is particularly useful in states that rely on Healthcare . gov for insurance offerings. Inspired by insights from my mother, a seasoned broker, this tool aims to streamline client engagement and sign-up processes. I’m exploring funding opportunities to advance this project, driven by positive feedback and a clear market niche.

very interesting and useful application of AI and a potentially huge market for it

are you still looking for businesses? I don’t want to put my ideas out on a public forum. What is the best way to contact you?

You could start by reading the first post…


I have an idea that will revolutionize that way we see and program ai.

This seems like an interesting way to find a good developer. I am creating a product in healthcare. DM’ed you Jochen.

Yes I have with concrete plan with a busness model which I can not in reply my question is are you a technician i needed

Yes I have that’s is M2C I called I can explain it after a brief discussion

Let’s chat on some platform… i have a brilliant idea that will make us :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Email or something…

I am looking for code. I have tons of ideas as well.


I have an AI startup focused on the proptech market, our team is making a lot of progress in the AI ​​success rate, although sometimes it still confuses numbers lol, if you are interested you can get in touch through this account.